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Xoanxo and Fisterra
Xoanxo and Fisterra

I was born in Cée (Galicia, Spain) in 1970, where I spent my childhood and adolescent years until 1988 when I left for the UK. From 1988 I lived in the UK (London and Chesire) until 2001, year in which I moved to The Netherlands (Noord Holland). In 2013 I returned to the UK, intially Surrey, and from 2016 Hampshire, where I currently reside.

The best definition I was ever given of myself was from my good friend Aziz who once said to me “You are what makes this moment possible”, and I fully agreed with that view.

My contribution in the creation of Artworks do not differ from how I approach social relations or any other type of interaction. Sometimes, instinctively, spontaneously, in collaboration with my surroundings, often responding to how they behave in an impulsive, emotional or unconscious way, but sometimes with premeditation and intention to manipulate in order to serve my own needs and expectations. 

The process of creating leads me often to disappear as an idea where time ceases to exist and conflicts completely vanish, it is then, when I truly feel I have become “one” with the “moment”. I realize that the works I help creating are the results of my collaboration with many other factors which are completely out of my control and my own contribution does not always follow a reasoned or logical process of thought.

I have been painting and writing poetry for over 30 years and while in the past I aimed at becoming a different artist by attempting to do something that I would consider truly unique, original, different from anything that had been done before, I now consider “Originality” to be the sincere expression of oneself, and that is what I aim at Today, with my Art and Life.

My works have been exhibited in several cities and locations since 1993, amongst them, London (Bolivar Hall, Canning House, John Jones Gallery, IMO Arts Society…), Manchester (Portico Gallery, Instituto Cervantes, Manchester Airport…), Macclesfield (West Park Museum), Stockport (Howard Francis Gallery), Amsterdam (Art Hotel, Schichol Airport…), Hoofddorp where I had my own Studio-Gallery space (2011-2013), Madrid (Circulo de Bellas Artes), my home town, Cée and Corcubión and more recently in The Museum of Farnham, The Maltings (Farnham), Guilford, Cobhan, Surbiton, Aldershot…I hope you enjoy your visit and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information!

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  1. Hello Xoanxo,

    I have been a follower of your photography on G+. I admire your work and your unique artistic vision and I thought of you when I received an email from Michael Corbin, The Art Book Guy, asking for artists to contact him if they are interested in being interviewed for his blog about contemporary artists. (email info below) Michael interviewed me last month. The interview was through email and the process was enjoyable. My interview can be found on the Art Book Guy website under Artists Now, 101 artist for 2015. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Art Book Guy or if you have any interest in being interviewed but I thought I would share this with you because I think you are a great artist and I would like to hear what you say about your art. If you are interested in the possibility of an interview contact michael at ArtBookGuy@hotmail.com.

    All the best.


    We Talk Contemporary Art

    Open Call!

    New Artist Interviews
    Starting Soon…

    Contact Michael Corbin

    Please Share…

    1. Thank you very much Eric for your kind comment, as you know, I am also a follower and admirer of your work. Thank you also for thinking of me in regards to this opportunity. I admit I had not heard of the ArtBookGuy before but I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. Although I am unlikely to pursuit an interview, I would like to preserve you public comment and links in this page if that is ok with you…?

      Once again, thank you for your kindness!!!

      Best regards,


  2. Dear Xoanxo,

    Every time when I walk into my office and I see your paintings – there is a special kind of peace of mind that takes care of me.

    I’m not sure if I every thanked you for this.

    I enjoyed your personal thoughts on the world and life and how they are expressed in your paintings.

    Let’s meet soon again


    1. Thank you Erik!!! I am very glad they speak to you too!!! I really hope we do meet soon, since we have much to celebrate!!! Very happy for you my friend!!!

  3. Dear Xoanxo,

    My name is Leandro Busel and I am part of the curatorial department of GALERÍA AZUR, a gallery specialized in contemporary art with a strong activity and international market trajectory, which has offices in Buenos Aires and Madrid (the last one is located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Chueca).

    I had the opportunity to see your artistic production and found several pieces that caught my attention.

    For this reason, I would like to explore the possibility of including some of them in our next exhibition between September – October, where a limited number of artists will participate, both consecrated and young-emerging with very interesting proposals. This exhibition will be held with a great opening / vernissage.

    If this project draws your attention, I will be happy to present you with the details of it along with the conditions of participation.

    I’m at your disposal,

    Cordial greetings,

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