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Paintings, Digital Images, Photography and Poetry

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Today's Green Field, Road-Pavement Art, T5 Art...


Xoanxo's Latest paintings, The Abuelo Series, The Butterfly Series...Although Abstract in essence I can't help but noticing that we are constantly surrounded by abstract imagery...

Digital Images

Digital Images, Photography based. I classify as Digital images those photographs that I manipulate with a more extreme editing and where I might even add external elements.


Sample of Xoanxo's Photographic Black and white and Color series: Simply Abstract, Retales, Light Moves, Viajes de un Gallego errante, Seasons, Paisajes (urban and nature) and Events.

Poetry (Xoetry)

Xoanxo's Poetry, Xoetry, is where I combine, my poetry and Art (Paintings, Digital and Photography). Please note this link will direct you to my exclusively dedicated Xoetry blog at http://xoetry.wordpress.com/

Xoanxo's Works

Preview of Xoanxo's Paintings, Digital and Photographic Works (Colour and Black and White)

Welcome to Xoanxo.com!

Home of Xoanxo’s Art

Painting, Digital Art, Photography and Poetry.


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