Abstract Paintings (Acrylic and Oils on paper, canvas and cardboard)

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-Scapes Series

Spring 2020 Series

Mares da Costa Series

  • Mares de outono V (94x94 cm)
  • Mares de outono VII (33x58 cm)
  • mares de outono IV (34x34 cm)
  • Mares de outono VI (20x60 cm)
  • Mares de outono III (30x30 cm)
  • Outono na Costa (50x50 cm)
  • Mares de outono II (62x32)
  • Mares de outono (62x32)

Costa da Morte Series

Small Paintings

Previous Works

  • 2webpreblue
  • 12weblongday
  • 3webprered
  • Sueños de carton IV (Acrylic on cardboard)
  • Sueños de cartón III (Acrylic on cardboard, 102x 64 cm)
  • 1WEBColour

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